Hello there, I'm Alex. I live in Worcester with Katie, and my two children. I am a keen advocate for fighting climate change. I believe that everyone has the right to live in a warm, safe and secure home, with enough food on the table and electricity to live their life. I also believe that is worth nothing if we don't secure a planet that is fit for human habitation for generations to come.

This site is somewhere for me to document my thoughts on current affairs and other stuff. I used to do that on Twitter, but now I'm going to try and do it in my own space, rather than providing content for a company that is more than happy to give platforms to those who want to spread fear, hate and denigrate the lives of others.

Some History

I've lived somewhere close to the border of England and Wales for most of my life, and in Worcester since 2008.

I've been interested in computers and technology from a young age - I got into trouble in infants school for sneaking in during breaktime to play on the BBC Micro. I was the Computer Prefect in Primary School and did Computing and Management Studies for my degree. I have worked as a software developer, under various titles, for the last 20 years.

One of my proudest achievements remains the creation of Webconnect, a tool for allpay that replaced an earlier Windows application. This allows various entities like Social Housing companies, Councils and others to download the payments made by their customers. It allowed allpay to grow by 40% a year from 2004-2007, when I left. It is still in use there today.

I worked for names.co.uk for many years, on domain name and hosting products, and I am now the Chief Technology Officer of Polaris Elements, a software provider to pubs and restaurants.

What Now?

These days I am interested in making our home more efficient and generally reducing our carbon footprint, as an example of what is possible. We have solar panels, a home battery and a heat pump on our home, which was built in 2014. While we do have an electric car, I am working with local groups like Bike Worcester to try and improve the cycling infrastructure in Worcester and keep car usage to a minimum. Cities should be designed for people first, not cars.